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We Malagasy people use our native language called: MALAGASY LANGUAGE, this is the first official language used overall Madagascar.

The second official language is the French language, and many people understand French.

The third language that we use is the English language, but few people understand this third one, and it is very rare to find some one who speak and understand English well, that's way it is strongly advice to use the service of an official Tour operator company who can organize best tours and could furnish the best qualified English speaking guide for the tourists who want to visit Madagascar island, to easiness your trip in the country if you don't speak French.

overall tour madagascar founder

The local money used in Madagascar is called ARIARY ( AR for locale use, but MGA for international transaction or payment), and this money is used overall the country

In general: 1 Euro = 3 100 AR, the definitive rate depends in towns where you change your money.

overall tour madagascar founder

Madagascar is among the tropical countries, and the general climate in the island is tropical humid, however the west area of Madagascar is more arid and dry during the dry season (June till November), and the south part is sub- desertic area, and dry almost during the year.

overall tour madagascar founder

The Air Madagascar Company is the only one domestic air company in the island, and this company has daily domestic flights links the capital Antananarivo to the rest of the island.

For more information about these domestic flights, please visit the Air Madagascar web-site:

overall tour madagascar founder

Many locale companies and free -lance drivers offers the service of cars rental (with or without driver) for you who need that, but be careful it is always better to remember that if you don't speak French it is STRONGLY ADVISE TO HAVE THE SERVICE OF ENGLISH SPEAKING GUIDE, cause few drivers could understand or speak English well here in Madagascar

If you need this service, Overall tour madagascar could help you to find the best option cars depending on your needs and budgets, with English speaking guide and driver or only English speaking driver (Guides and drivers carefully selected by Overall Tour Madagascar company).

For more information about that, please contact us

overall tour madagascar founder

The F.C.E or the railways links the town of Fianarantsoa to the Est Coast of Manakara town (Distant about 163 km) is one of the railways date during the French colonial time which ride the old train, and still transport passengers. This railways cross the east rain forest of Madagascar.

Tour on board of this old train is possible, to discover the landscape and the daily life of the locale people who live on the bank of this railways.

For more information see madagascar train tour

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> Our tours are for all different range of ages for international tourists from all over the world, we offer many ranges of tours like adventure tours; discover tour, nature tour, beach tour for tourists with a sense of fun and keen desire to explore Madagascar.

> Our tour price includes your own tour leader plus all land transport fees in parks and locale guides in each visits, so all you have to pay for are foods, drinks , personal expends and all flight tickets.

> We have a qualified and experienced English speaking guide to supply a full travel guide information to tourist during their tour to Madagascar.


Special thanks to all teams for their help to run the company, and their precious trust on me to be the Manager.

I won’t forget to give thanks for all tourists, friends, who know me and pushed me to create this tour operator company, but especially those who have chosen me as their tour guide, when they have been in Madagascar.

Last but not least, advance special thanks for you tourists who will have the intension to choose overall tour madagascar as your future tour organizator company for your trip to Madagascar.

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