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We work and study all information demand from to you tourists about everything which have a link with the topic "travel and tourist in Madagascar", and we give a quick answer and suggest you in what to do in Madagascar.

We advise you to choose the best vacation to Madagascar and the best time to visit Madagascar

We organize tours depends on your needs

We supply qualified professional English speaking guides to you in each tourism places in Madagascar, and furnish for you well selected cars and drivers depending on your needs.

Last but not least, the most important, we promote the sale of our different tours to Madagascar and tourist trip to discover the island.

We have an official authorization status. Licence: 074-13/mintour/sg/dgdt/dait/sat

overall tour madagascar founder

Rado Eric:

I'm an English speaking tour-guide in Madagascar. I organize tours to Madagascar and tourists trip to discover the Island, but especially guide tourists in all tourism places in overall Madagascar during many years.

Now I’m the Manager of the company, I run OVERALL TOUR MADAGASCAR in general and promote the sale of the different tours that we offer to the tourists in our web-site.

But I work as tour leader also for you who need my guiding assistance during your tour here in Madagascar.

Experience in tourism domain

After graduate in tourism at the National Institute of Tourism and Hostelry (N.I.T.H, the only one National institute of tourism in Madagascar), I worked as free- lance English speaking tour- guide in Madagascar during 7 years, I have guided many tourists from many different countries in almost tourism places overall Madagascar.

overall tour madagascar founder

Marie Fabrina:

I'm the first assistance of the Director Manager of the company, but also the tour and travel adviser. I advise you about the best places and time to visit Madagascar for your vacation, but especially help you to choose the best options tourism places to discover in Madagascar depending on your available times, but especially on your budget.

Experience in tourism domain

After graduate in tourism, I learned and trained to be a tour and travel adviser during many years from a vocational institute in my country, and worked as free- lance for many locale tour and travel companies in Madagascar, during 2 years, and from 2014 I work for Overall Tour Madagascar company and share with the teams in the company my experience.

why overall tour madagascar

> Our tours are for all different range of ages for international tourists from all over the world, we offer many ranges of tours like adventure tours; discover tour, nature tour, beach tour for tourists with a sense of fun and keen desire to explore Madagascar.

> Our tour price includes your own tour leader plus all land transport fees in parks and locale guides in each visits, so all you have to pay for are foods, drinks , personal expends and all flight tickets.

> We have a qualified and experienced English speaking guide to supply a full travel guide information to tourist during their tour to Madagascar.


Special thanks to all teams for their help to run the company, and their precious trust on me to be the Manager.

I won’t forget to give thanks for all tourists, friends, who know me and pushed me to create this tour operator company, but especially those who have chosen me as their tour guide, when they have been in Madagascar.

Last but not least, advance special thanks for you tourists who will have the intension to choose overall tour madagascar as your future tour organizator company for your trip to Madagascar.

Rado Eric

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