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Overall tour madagascar is an official tour operator in Madagascar. We sales and organizes the best circuit tours to discover madagascar. We supply a full travel guide information about madagascar tourism places

Tours to discover the beauty of the west area of Madagascar, this tour start from the river trip, to discover the tsiribihina river one of the biggest river in madagascar, then the visit of the tsingy of bemaraha one of the best National parks in Madagascar and classified as world heritage site by the unesco, and last visit of kirindy special reserve to see lemurs of Madagascar and spend time at the famous alley of Baobab to appreciate the sun set

Tours to discover the south and the north part of Madagascar. You can visit the rn7, the longest national road in Madagascar links the capital to the south part of the island, which is very rich in culture and in nature due to the high number of ethnic tribes live all along this road as well as his several national Parks.This RN7 tour could be combining with Train for those who want traveling with Madagascar old train to discover the east rain forest, and also with Andringitra Mountain, one of the nicest national parks in Madagascar where you can see the second highest peaks in Madagascar. However the north part of Madagascar is really reach in reserve, but especially in beach place like nosy be.

These tours are made for you who really like and enjoy the nature and wild life.The tour start at the visit of Madagascar Exotic Park, where you could see many species of reptiles exist in Madagascar, then the visit of the famous Perinet special reserve in Andasibe park one of the most visited national parks in Madagascar, to see the biggest madagascar’s lemurs called indri indri, and last the visit of the island of lemurs in Vakona private park. Then the visit of the east coast start at the palmarium to see the strange night active lemurs called aye aye, and last the tour can be end in Sainte- Marie island, to see and observe the famous hump-backed whales. This paradisiac small island has one of the nicest beaches in Madagascar.

why overall tour madagascar

> Our tours are for all different range of ages for international tourists from all over the world, we offer many ranges of tours like adventure tours; discover tour, nature tour, beach tour for tourists with a sense of fun and keen desire to explore Madagascar.

> Our tour price includes your own tour leader plus all land transport fees in parks and locale guides in each visits, so all you have to pay for are foods, drinks , personal expends and all flight tickets.

> We have a qualified and experienced English speaking guide to supply a full travel guide information to tourist during their tour to Madagascar.


Special thanks to all teams for their help to run the company, and their precious trust on me to be the Manager.

I won’t forget to give thanks for all tourists, friends, who know me and pushed me to create this tour operator company, but especially those who have chosen me as their tour guide, when they have been in Madagascar.

Last but not least, advance special thanks for you tourists who will have the intension to choose overall tour madagascar as your future tour organizator company for your trip to Madagascar.

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